Wild Florida Airboats & Wildlife Park 3301 Lake Cypress Road, Kenansville, FL 34739

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Airboats are a purely Floridian experience. Not only have the swamps and marshes been travelled by airboats for generations by local Floridians, but they are now a popular way for tourists to experience Florida’s more natural offerings. If you want to see Florida in its natural beauty and get a break from downtown, Wild Florida is the perfect place for you.

Located just 45 minutes from Orlando, Wild Florida is like stepping into a different world. They have an assortment of tours, from the usual day tours to sunset and night tours. The airboats travel through 100,000 acres of pure Floridian rivers, swamps, and marshes. Out in the everglades, you’ll get to see the many birds that call the wetlands home. But, of course, the most exciting thing is seeing alligators out in their natural habitats.

What sets Wild Florida apart is its knowledgeable airboat captains. These locals have been out on airboats for years and know the wetlands better than any GPS or map. They know exactly where to go so you can get the most out of your tour. They’ll explain the habits of the birds, snakes, and alligators. They’ll also offer an abundance of information on the plant life in the swamps, from what plants are safe to eat and which ones can provide you with water if you’re ever lost.

After your airboat tour, you can go visit the Gator Park. In the park, you’ll discover a variety of animals, including some from the swamps! You’ll get to see water buffalo and emu, or the exotic zebra. The park isn’t just for looking, though. Here you can touch and pet some of these majestic creatures. If you’re lucky, you might even get to help feed them!

If you’re done with touring and visiting with the animals, you don’t have to go home yet! Wild Florida is the proud home of Chomp House Grill, a pure Floridian BBQ restaurant. You can pick from many of their swamp famous dishes, from ribs to pulled pork. But it wouldn’t be an Everglade restaurant if they didn’t offer more unique dishes, like gator tail and frog legs. If you’re feeling adventurous, you should give them a try! And wash it all down with some of their famous slushies.

Spending a day at Wild Florida is the perfect way to refocus after experiencing the crowds and chaos of the city. You’ll have an opportunity to experience Florida as it was centuries before civilization began to settle there. After a day out in nature, seeing the beautiful animals and birds and filling up on BBQ, you’ll be reenergized and ready to head back into the real world.

For more information, please visit the Wild Florida Airboats website.

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