Walt Disney World Resort, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

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When you think Disneyworld, more than likely you think of princesses walking down the street, Mickey Mouse and Minnie posing for pictures, and Cinderella’s palace. If you’re nodding your head in excitement right now, then you’re thinking about Magic Kingdom. This park was the original Disney Park and contains all the old favorites, from spinning tea cups to the parade down Main Street.

Magic Kingdom is 100% Disney. Every building, every character, and every ride is an ode to the characters and films you love. The park is broken into different lands, each with its own special theme. For example, in Fantasyland, there’s the Enchanted Forest, where Belle and Lumiere tell stories or Ariel poses for pictures and signs autographs.

There are plenty of rides at Magic Kingdom, for both kids and adults. The most famous, of course, is It’s a Small World. You can also ride down the river from the Jungle Book and see some of Mowgli’s friends. The Haunted Mansion is an option for those who don’t spook easily.

Magic Kingdom is also known for Cinderella’s Royal Table, a restaurant inside the princess’s famous castle. There you can meet all your favorite characters one on one and enjoy delicious food beautifully prepared and served.


Epcot is known for the many country representations it has throughout the park. In Mexico you can dine at a traditional restaurant and ride through an Aztec temple. In China there is also a Chinese temple where you can get a 360 degree view of the country. Japan, Morocco, and France also serve traditional food. Norway, Germany, Italy, England, and Canada have their own areas where you can explore and learn more about their cultures.

If rides are more your thing, there are several options. Epcot has several popular rides, like Spaceship Earth, Mission Space, and Ellen’s Energy Adventure, and many more.


Hollywood Studios, once MGM Studios, is a peek into Disney’s most memorable age of movies. Hollywood Studios consists of shows, tours, and rides all about some of Disney’s most famous feature films. One of the most popular attractions is a behind the scenes look at the Indiana Jones film franchise. If you’re a Star Wars fan, you can visit the ride Star Tours. Because each ride reveals different things, many visitors ride multiple times to see everything.

There are many well-known rides at Hollywood Studios. Some of the most famous ones are the Tower of Terror, Toy Story Mania, and the Twilight Zone.


While most theme parks focus on events and rides, Animal Kingdom stands apart because of how it focuses on animals and how to protect their habitats. No matter what your favorite animals are, there is sure to be a tour or safari drive that can give you a glimpse into those habitats. All visitors, from children to adults, are thrilled by the variety of animals they get to see, from elephants to tigers.

For extinct animals, there’s Dino Land! There are bones, fossils and replicas to look over and touch. And to top it off, there’s the Dinosaur Thrill Ride, which takes you through a prehistoric land filled with dinosaurs. And, to make sure no more animals go extinct, Animal Kingdom has demonstrations and information on the several habitats represented in the park.

Not only will you find nature’s biggest supporter at Animal Kingdom, Pocahontas, you’ll also find some of Disney’s more famous animals, like Nemo and the crew from Lion King. Finding Nemo – The Musical is a beautiful stage performance that takes viewers under the sea. In Festival of the Lion King, there are all sorts of puppets and performers. You’ll be excited to hear some of your favorite songs and even a few new ones.

For more information, please visit the Walt Disney World – Orlando website.

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