SeaWorld Orlando, 7007 Sea World Drive, Orlando, FL 32821

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Orlando, Florida is full of things to do, sometimes overwhelmingly so. While most people will automatically put the Disney parks on their to-do list, one park you shouldn’t overlook is Sea World. This unique theme park combines entertainment and rides with an educational look at how to conserve our sea life. If you’re looking to give yourself, or your kids, a well-rounded theme park experience, Sea World might be your best option.

Most people have been to aquariums and taken time to wonder at the beauty and intricacies of the sea. But Sea World brings this closer look to another level! You get to view these creatures in their eco-systems created to perfectly mirror their natural habitats. A perfect example of this is their Wild Arctic exhibit. Here, you’ll get to view sea creatures, like penguins, walruses, and belugas, play in an environment like their own homes. And it doesn’t end at sea creatures! There are polar bears, too!

The Sea of Shallows is a family favorite. At this exhibit, guests can connect with some of the friendliest creatures of the sea: dolphins! You can watch them play, both above and below ground. You can visit their nursery, where the babies are watched by professional caregivers. There’s also an area for feeding and petting. Just be prepared to get a bit wet.

The Sea of Shallows is also home to the manta aquarium, flamingo cove, and Stingray Lagoon. At the lagoon, over 200 stingrays fill a beautiful cove. Not only can you touch and play with them, you can also view the baby stingrays in their nursery.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Sea World if you didn’t visit Shamu’s Stadium. Here, the orca perform and interact with the crowd. You have two options for viewing the whales, One Ocean or Dine with Shamu. These gorgeous creatures swim, flip, and jump, carefully led by their affectionate trainers. If you can’t make it to either show, there are still plenty of opportunities to view the orca above ground and in underground viewing areas.

There are many, many shows put on throughout the day at Sea World. Depending on what’s seasonally available, you have options from Elmo Rocks to the Polar Express Experience. Some of the year round shows include the amazing sea lion and otter show. You can also feed and pet these friendly and tricky animals.

However, while Sea World is famous for its animals, it also has numerous rides and roller coasters. In Journey to Atlantis, you climb aboard the water roller coaster and zip and splash through the lost city of Atlantis. The Manta Flying Roller Coaster is just like it sounds, giving you a taste of how manta rays move, but in the air instead of the water. You’ll be face down as the coaster takes you through tight turns and stomach plunging dips. Again, be prepared to get a little wet! For the less adventurous, Shamu’s Happy Harbor offers rides for the entire family.

Sea World also has plenty of food and drink options throughout the park. If you want to grab something quickly or sit down and enjoy the view while having a more luxurious meal, there are options for you. And there are, of course, plenty of shops and boutiques where you can purchase souvenirs of your amazing day at Sea Wold!

For more information, please visit the SeaWorld Orlando website.

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