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Located conveniently between Orlando and Tampa, Legoland is the perfect getaway for families, with a huge amusement park and water park. Unlike other parks in the Orlando area, Legoland is very specifically aimed for younger audiences. More than likely, if you have a bunch of teenagers, this won’t be the park for them.

Legoland is broken up into different zones, to make it easier to find what you want and explore. Each zone has its own rides, shops, shows, and attractions. For example, in Lego City, kids can drive their own boats and cars, after getting their Legoland licenses, of course. There is also a Rescue Academy, where you can become policemen or firefighters and work with your group to put out a “fire”.

For those who want more action, there are rides like the Dragon Coaster, which is fast roller coaster that even goes inside for part of the ride. At The Royal Joust, you’re given the chance to pick your mount and ride it through scenes of ancient times created out of Legos. There’s also a giant treehouse playground, called the Forestmen’s Hideout, for everyone to run and climb around on.

Legoland wouldn’t be the land of Legos if it didn’t have several areas to build and create. You will not be disappointed if your goal is to design something while you’re at the park. At Build and Test, you can create your own Lego car and even test drive it on a track. If you want to go more complex, try out Mindstorms, where you get to build and program your own Lego robot!

In the water park area, there’s the Twin Chasers, a giant slide that stretches almost 400 feet through the park. Groups can get on different slides and race each other down. The Joker Soaker is also a crowd favorite. This is perfect for younger children, though there are no specific restrictions for the use of the area. The Joker Soaker is a fun and exciting water playground. The water park also includes the Build a Raft River. Here, in true Lego fashion, groups can put their own tubes together and relax as they float through the pristine lazy river.

If you’re ready to sit back and rest for a moment, there are also plenty of shows at Legoland. In The Big Test, firefighters explain how they train and then take you along on one of their calls. Lego Legends of Chima, a crazy, fast paced fight between Chima and his enemies, shows on the weekends. There’s also Spellbreaker and A Clutch of Power.

For more information, please visit the Legoland Florida website.

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