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Kennedy Space Center - Florida Kennedy Space Center - Florida

If you’re wanting to get away from the intensity of the theme parks around Orlando, you should consider a day trip to the Kennedy Space Center. Located on Space Coast, not only is Kennedy Space Center a great place to escape for a day or two, but is also the home of some of the best beaches in Florida.

The Kennedy Space Center presents the many amazing and different aspects of space. At the Space Shuttle Atlantis, the remarkable spacecraft is rotated at almost 45 degrees. There are media presentations and over 50 exhibits that you can interact with. Information is shared on how the intricate spacecraft was built and operated.

An experience you’ll never forget is the Shuttle Launch Experience. There you’ll get to be involved in a mock space launch. You’ll get debriefed and instructed with the same guidelines astronauts receive. Then, you get strapped in and the simulation throws you at what feels like 17,500 miles per hour towards the sky! You’ll get to feel the weightlessness that astronauts experience in space. When the hatch is opened and you get to see what earth looks like from out of space, you will truly be breathless.

In another section of the space center, you’ll find Exploration Space: Explorers wanted. Here you can learn about what NASA is doing now and what steps are being taken to learn more about space. There are simulations and games you can play throughout the building. And there’s even scenarios and instructions on what to do when there are emergencies in outer space. At the Apollo/Saturn V Center you can go over the information from the first moon landing. And, the most exciting part, touch a piece of the moon!

In a large park outside the Kennedy Space Center is the Rocket Garden. Several tours during the day and evening can walk you through the immense area where different space rockets are on display. These range from some of the first ones ever built to more recent endeavors. Just like most things at the space center, there is also an area where you can get hands on experience. You can crawl into the tiny quarters that some of the first astronauts travelled to space in.

Kennedy Space Center is famous for being the home of space shuttle launches. If you time your visit right, you can witness a space launch in person! Several times a year, the center is still used to send shuttles and satellites into space. Standing at a very safe distance, you can watch as they send a huge, man-built contraption into the dark unknown.

There are several other opportunities to learn and have fun at the center, like the Warbird Air Museum or the zoo, Jungle Adventures. For a hands on, entertaining, and educational experience, Kennedy Space Center really has it all. You might find yourself coming back more than once!

For more information, please visit the Kennedy Space Center website.

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