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One of the great things about Orlando being the home to some of the biggest theme parks is, due to its location, many of the parks also incorporate the amazing natural elements that Florida is famous for. This can be seen most clearly in one of Orlando’s original parks, Gatorland. This 110-acre amusement park is also a wildlife preserve, saving the lives of alligators, birds, and reptiles.

Gatorland is known for one thing: alligators. Here, you’ll be able to walk through marshes or stand in observation towers and view gators of all different sizes and colors. In fact, Gatorland has several albino alligators. There are also plenty of shows, like an alligator wrestling event and snake show. All these exciting activities are complimented with educational talks and demonstrations, making this the perfect place to give your family a hands on learning experience.

Alligators aren’t alone at Gatorland, though. Crocodiles, typically larger than the American gator, have a huge exhibit dedicated just to them. In two sprawling buildings, you get to see dozens of the giant beasts. The exhibit, named Jungle Crocs of the World, features some crocs that have grown up to 20 feet long!

There are also several exhibits that show some of Florida’s natural bird wildlife. Birds in the park have built their nests around the alligator marshes, to keep themselves safe from other animals that might want to steal and eat their eggs. If you’re lucky, you might see some baby birds getting fed by their mothers!

For younger children, there’s the amazing Green Meadows Petting Farm, where they can experience cuter and fluffier animals. There are also two rides at Gatorland. The first, the Gatorland Express, has been around since the 1960s! This locomotive train allows visitors to sit down and enjoy an old fashioned ride through the park. A brand new ride was added that might appeals to the more adventurous. Gatorland is now the proud home of a 1200 foot zip line! The ride takes guests over a lot of the park, including a gator pool!

Gatorland has always been dedicated to educating and preserving. It offers many classes and lessons on several aspects of Floridian wildlife, from crocodiles to birds. They also have an amazing network to save alligators that are caught by private residents. Those in Florida know that if a gator is going to be killed, Gatorland can be counted on to come in and rescue the animal.

For more information, please visit the Gatorland website.

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