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Opened in 1998, Dinosaur World is the perfect alternative for families that want to enjoy a day at a theme park, but aren’t willing to pay exorbitant prices. Located just east of Tampa, Dinosaur World offers hours of entertainment for families, with a plenty of indoor and outdoor options. There are hands on activities, all child friendly, playgrounds, and beautifully maintained picnic areas.

Dinosaur World is famous for its outdoor dinosaur gardens. These large, landscaped areas contain plants that were common in the time of the dinosaurs. There are also beautiful water features throughout the park. But, the main attraction are the huge dinosaur replicas that are scattered throughout the park. Just like in zoos, the dinosaurs have markers that give their names and other information. Children and adults will be thrilled to see some of their favorite dinosaurs!

There’s also the Skeleton Garden, where giant, skeleton dinosaurs are placed in a beautiful garden. You can wander through and enjoy the sites or you can explore a field work site. Here, there’s a legitimate paleontological site where you can discover all about how work is done out in the field.

While the dinosaur parks are the main attraction, there are also many activities for the whole family. The most popular activity is the Fossil Dig. Here, kids can use some of the tools archaeologists use to uncover their own fossils. When they’ve found some favorites, the guide will give them information on them. The best part is, the fossils are to keep!

For bigger kids, if the Fossil Dig doesn’t interest them, another great way to experience digging for dinosaurs is in the Boneyard. In here, you get to go through a passage called Exploration Cave. You’ll learn all the different ways to uncover bones. You can try your new skills on an almost 30 foot skeleton.

Fossils aren’t the only things you can excavate at Dino World. There’s also an amazing water channel where you can search for gems. At Dino Gem Excavation, excavators are given bags of dirt, sand, gems, and minerals to sift through. Once you’ve found everything in your bag, you can take them home!

While Dinosaur World is a largely outdoor park, there are also plenty of things to do inside. At the prehistoric museum you can see all sorts of fossils, both real and replicated. There are also lots of informational plaques posted throughout the museum so you can learn as you go. If you wander near the back of the museum, you’ll get a huge surprise! There are several electronic dinosaurs there, each moving in the way real dinosaurs did when they were alive. There is also a smaller museum, the Florida Fossil Museum. Here, you’ll get to see fossils that have been found in Florida.

Dinosaur World doesn’t have any food on site, except for an assortment of fully stocked vending machines. The park does, however, encourage you to bring your own food and drinks. There are several well-kept picnic areas and clean toilets. These areas are a perfect place to relax after wandering through the park.

For more information, please visit the Dinosaur World – Florida website.

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